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Introduction to the
Ethical Property Foundation

  • The Foundation was set up in 2004 to offer charities, community groups and not-for-profits independent property advice. We have helped over 2,500 organisations to rent, buy, let or manage property.

  • The Foundation offers one-to-one help through our Property Advice Service - initial support is free of charge. For more in-depth support the Foundation offers training and consultancy services.

  • The Foundation assists organisations by helping them to avoid expensive property mistakes and to take a strategic view of property assets. We aim to build the skills of those we help so they are better able to deal with property issues.

22 Jul


The Ethical Property Foundation is delighted to be a partner organisation in the launch of the Charity Commission’s new property portal.

20 Jun

What do our clients think of us?

Every six months we check how our help and advice is being received. We are delighted with the responses to our most recent client survey. Getting such wonderful feedback from our clients makes all of the hard work put in by our team feel more than worth it.

20 Jun

The Stewardship Group

This will be launched later this year and we are seeking visionary supporters who will join us to build the Foundation, with a truly national property advice service and a fairplace award which is the talk of the property industry. Since 2004, we have assisted over 2500 organisations across the UK, both directly and indirectly. How can we double that?

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Property Advice Service

How we help charities rent, buy, let or manage property

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Property Consultancy

Consultancy for all stages of the property cycle

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