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Property Space Calculator

Below is a space calculator to help you estimate the size of office you need to be looking for. This figure is only an estimate, but will give you a rough idea. Depending on how much space you like/your budget, you may want to look for a space slightly larger or smaller than this! You could initially visit some offices around the size the space calculator recommends to see if you feel they are appropriate.

To use the calculator, fill in the appropriate gaps with your space details and hit calculate. An estimate of your space needs will then appear in a separate window. If you have problems using the calculator, please contact us

1. We need desks for staff.

2. We need meeting rooms / areas for People.

3. We need separate offices for senior staff members.

4. We need a kitchenette in our office space.

5. We need space for a server

6. We need space for a photocopier

7. We need storage for the equivalent of archive boxes.