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Collaborative Partnerships

We would like to thank the following organisations which support us in our work providing property advice, training and to the voluntary sector.   

  Governors for Schools is an educational charity that recruits skilled and committed volunteers to become school governors. We exist to improve educational standards so that children and young people have the chance to realise their full potential. We believe the key to improving school performance is effective governance, and by finding, nurturing and supporting a committed network of governors we help to drive systematic change in how schools operate. Since 1999, we have been connecting schools across England with volunteers, supported by our business and university partnerships.

  The purpose of Charity Finance Group (CFG) is to develop a financially-confident, dynamic and trustworthy charity sector.

Our 1,400 organisational members include charity finance professionals, who between them manage £21bn of funds. We work with our members to: inspire and nurture leadership; drive up standards; create a better and fairer operating environment; identify best practice and share knowledge. Ultimately, we strive to equip charities with the knowledge, skills and conditions they need to ensure that every pound works even harder, achieving a greater impact for even more beneficiaries.

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