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Facts and figures

The Ethical Property Foundation is a registered charity which has been serving the UK voluntary sector since 2004. We are the sole referral agency for the Charity Commission for land & property advice.

Here is what our clients think about our free property advice service.

In the period 1st Nov. 2017– 31st Oct. 2018 we provided expert independent free advice to 176 voluntary organisations.

We received feedback from 30%, 53 organisations in total from which these figures are taken.

* 79% of our respondents are very satisfied/ satisfied with the support they receive from our Property Advisor.

* 26% of our respondents rated as Critical or Serious the risk their property issues were to their organisation's operation and/or long-term viability while 46% considered property risks were significant.

* 16% of our respondents said avoiding closure was a key benefit to their organisation as a result of the advice received from EPF.

* Before contacting EPF, only 4% of respondents rated their level of knowledge and understanding of property issues as high or very high. Following our assistance this increased to 63%.

* 60% of our respondents found our web site useful