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The Bristol Sikh Resource Centre (SRC) is a small charity with one paid worker, operating from a former shop in Bristol’s inner city. The centre provides a wide range of services to the Sikh community in Bristol and across the West of England area.

The property was purchased with local donations together with a grant of some £48k from Urban Aid funds in the late 1980s. As the grant administrator, Bristol City Council had put in place a legal agreement stating that SRC would have to repay the grant should the building be sold. SRC contacted the Foundation with concerns that they were outgrowing their building but, with no capital funds, they were stumped by the prospect of a costly development.

The Foundation worked with SRC to help the organisation successfully negotiate with Bristol City Council to remove the charge. This made the organisation freeholders, and put them in a position where they were able to think flexibly about how it might tackle its need for more space. The Foundation’s adviser encouraged SRC to consider a costed options appraisal on the most effective use of their workspace and provided guidance on approaching local grant making trusts to fund this work.