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Hounslow Multicultural Centre, Hounslow

Nature of issue

The Hounslow Multi- Cultural Centre is a social centre helping elderly, senior citizens, disabled, homebound and isolated people through a varied programme of activities. They are at the forefront of the community providing hot meals as well as hosting regular events and services for youngsters and women. They have been at their current location for the past 35 years ensuring that they are at the heart of the community offering help to the less abled.
Earlier this year they reached out to the EPF to assist them with concerns caused by the council. Every year, the council very happily gives funding for the organisation to run several projects. However, this year without any notice, the council sent them an eviction notice stating that they are illegally occupying the premises and would need to leave- to which they did not agree at all.
EPF actions and recommendations

EPF helped to navigate the process of negotiating their new lease with the Council. We put them in contact with an experienced property advisor who immediately informed them of their options by law. Our advisor also provided them with details of a surveyor should they need it and gave them information regarding pro-bono work. They were able to find a suitable solicitor from our Register of Property Professionals who assessed the situation in more detail offering services at a discounted rate. They were given clarification of their obligations under the lease itself which they found very useful and necessary. Our advice was to provide the relevant documentation highlighting the important information i.e. their lease, deed, bills, upkeep, renovations and other forms of proof to strengthen their case. Our help aided their decision, next steps and how to proceed with their issue. They were very grateful.

They were able to challenge the Councils eviction with success and show proof of the upkeep that they contributed to the building and charity. Our advice was needed and necessary or they would not have anywhere to turn too.

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