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Home Start Tamworth

An organisation based in the West Midlands. They help families and young women in an area with one of the highest incidents of teenage pregnancy. They deliver counselling and refuge support to their clients. They want to expand the accommodation they have available to their clients for short term resettlement and refuge.

EPF helped Home start to:

  1. Understand the importance of having up to date safeguard policies to ensure that they were compliant in all areas of HR & safeguarding laws.
  2. Develop their policy and procedures concerning compliance on their operational premises and use as supported accommodation.
  3. Make informed decisions around seeking another residential premise’s and protecting their obligations as landlords.

As a result of this, Homestart Tamworth were able to continue providing supported parenting skills to young women. They did not have to pay excessive costs for HR & legal aid, nor did they breach any protection laws.

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