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Charity Property Matter Surveys 2018

Results of the Charity Property Matters Survey 2018

  • More charities than ever before (33%) stated they rent from a commercial landlord – up from 21% in 2014. More rent than own their premises (31%).  
  • 32% of charities have had trouble in finding funding for property costs while a further 26% anticipate this will be a challenge in the future.
  • 30% of charities say property is a barrier to delivering their charitable objectives, almost double the proportion in 2016 (17%)  
  • More than one third of charities (36%) believe that property poses a high or very high risk to their organisation  
  • 66% of charities do not have a strategic property plan (up from 52% in 2016)  
  • 41% say no-one is specifically responsible for property within their organisation
  • 44% do not report regularly on property to trustees   


2018 London Property Survey Results