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Contact us today if you need property advice

Welcome to our Property Advice Service.

The Ethical Property Foundation has  supported over 4000 voluntary organisations with expert property advice. This unique service is largely unfunded and we are working hard so that our advice continues to remain free at the point of access. If you do receive advice from us, please complete a feedback form promptly so we can monitor our performance and consider making a donation however small, to help keep this valuable service going.



How to Access Our Help
First of all, check our online resources – there are 135+ pages of information.

If you still need help and you are a charity, not-for-profit organisation or similar, then, we can support your organisation in the following ways:

1 – You can talk to our in-house property team for free.

2 - We can offer competitively priced consultancy to help you with funding property costs, property strategies and general property management

3 - We can refer you to our Register of Property Professionals surveyors, solicitors etc who can advise initially on a pro bono basis and then at discounted rates.    

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